Services & Process we use to help your business thrive online

Our Services

Web Design & Development

Let us here at Technikheim assist you today in achieving your online goals. By creating web solutions that are both beautiful, functional and align with your business strategies and brand identity, the Technikheim team can help you stand out and get noticed online.


Let us here at Technikheim develop an e-commerce solution that will bring your store front to the world stage. The Technikheim team can create a unique e-commerce site for you that is easy to use, visually appealing to your customers and will increase your sales reach and bring in additional business.

Mobile Development

Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets have become so ubiquitous in our daily lives that simply not having them around anymore is almost impossible to comprehend. For most people, it has become the no.1 way they access the internet and if you’re not mobile friendly, you’re losing customers and potential business.

Brand Development & Design

We can easily associate with our own businesses, afterall we started them. However just because you can, doesn’t mean everybody else can as well. That is where brand design and development comes in. Allow the Technikheim team to build a brand for you that your clients can easily relate to, as well as associate naturally to your business.

Social Media & ePR

Social media has become a social & communication phenomenon in the 21st century that cannot be ignored and with services such as Facebook boasting numbers of over 1 billion users & Twitter with over half a billion we tend to agree. Bottom line is, if you’re not engaging and marketing to your customers on social media you’re losing out.

Digital Strategy

Having all the individual pieces set-up is only half the work. Getting them all to work together to build market share & improve the profitability of your business, well that’s where your digital strategy comes into work. Let us here at Technikheim help you to keep your new digital outlook on business going with minimal effort from you while gaining maximum exposure and feedback.

Our Process

Initial Consultation

Technikheim is not a one size fits all company, we believe each business and idea is unique so why shouldn’t your online presence and digital strategy be. As a result we believe that all great projects start with a sit down, a chance for us to gain valuable insight into your great business or idea as-well as a chance for you to brag about your awesome business or venture.

Research & Insight

With your business goals and expectations on paper and your passion rubbed off on us, we start with in-depth research into the multiple aspects of your business, including your competitors, your target market as well as your potential user base. With all this research completed we move on to the proposal.

The Proposal

The Project Proposal is essentially a road map to establishing your business online. It will contain all the research we’ve conducted into your business, layed out in a comprehensive and intuitive document. The project proposal will include your digital strategy, project/services breakdown, project timelines, as well as various expectations and requirements going forward.

The Design Phase

Great, so now that everyone is on the same page, it’s time to get creative. Great design fuels a brands identity and can work like a magnet to pull in customers. This phase will have the team create or refine your brand, design your website and if requested wire-frame and design your mobile application, ensuring it is modern, focused around user centered design and appealing.

The Development Phase

Once all designs are completed and approved by you, the development phase starts. During development we take all the graphic aspects of your branding, site and application if requested and add in the functionality essentially bringing your website and application to life. In order to do this we make use of multiple web and mobile technologies that are trusted in the industry and help to make your business look great.

UX & Quality Testing

Once design and development of your site is done, we start with testing. During the testing phase we ensure your site is accessible on any web browser and on any device We also ensure all ends are tied up and all links are working as they should ensuring no 404 pages and dead ends. Lastly we ensure the site looks and navigates as it should, and offers a positive and consistent experience to all users.

Publish & Launch

Now that all the parts have come together it’s time to make everything live. We push all the final revisions to the site, publish all the aspects of your site and officially launch everything onto the world wide web for your business to be available to all. This also includes the necessary launches of your application onto the Google Play store and the Apple App Store, if need be. Finally ending off with a post on each of your new social media pages stating that your website has launched in all its awesomeness!

Post Launch Support

Once your website is fully operational, your mobile applications are seeing rising download numbers and your social media pages are getting the occasional pass by’s and likes. We don’t drop you hot potato, instead we continue to assist you in the process of growing your business online, providing insight and assistance where needed until you and your staff are we versed in the process of engaging, selling and promoting online.

So, ready to take your business to the next level?

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